Review: KOH 134 Rainy Day!

Last week, I got KOH 134 Rainy Day! from my mother. I wanted a nice dark gray nailpolish that will fit with any outfit in autumn and winter, or even in summer and spring if you add a nice bright colour on one nail, like I did (the pink nailpolish is from Safari and I have no idea what it is called/what number it is, I won it in the give-away from Daily Noted. I think it's a really nice colour!). I'm very happy with the colour, but I am less impressed by the quality. The first small chips appeared on the third day that I was wearing it, and bigger chips appeared on the fourth day. I hadn't expected this from a rather expensive nailpolish like this one. This problem can perhaps be solved by using a better top coat, I just use one from the Hema (Dutch cheap shop). Also, there were a lot of little air bubbles on my nails when the nailpolish had dried. However, this is probably more due to my polishing skills than the quality of the nailpolish. Even though the quality is not as amazing as I had expected it to be, it is still a good polish and I am happy with it!

Really nice colour that will fit with any outfit, the little case (don't have a picture of that, sorry) you get when you buy it (haha, I just think it's cute!)
Disadvantages: Chips after 3-4 days, dries quite slowly
Buy it or not? If you have the money for it, yes I think you should definitely buy it, because it is a polish that is great for autumn/winter and will fit with any outfit.

Nailpolishes from KOH cost about 14 euros and can be bought at the better perfume/make-up shops such as Mooi (where I bought it).

What do you think of KOH nailpolishes?