Follow your dreams

If you want to follow your dreams, there will always be people that will try to hold you back. However, I think it is important to follow your dreams because if you don't, you will regret it later. Even if your initial dream does not come true, you will probably find something along the way with which you are equally happy. Following your biggest dreams involves taking chances, because without taking chances you will never get there. You might come past obstacles along the way, but these obstacles will make you stronger and you will learn from them.

Certain dreams seem like they can't come true, and don't make sense to follow. If you dream of flying for instance, you might think it makes no sense to chase this dream. But I think you can make this dream come true, at least partially. If you'd love to fly like a bird sometime, why not try a parachute jump? Following your biggest dreams will enrich your life, give you experiences that you will never forget. Therefore, I believe it is always good to follow your dreams. Don't dream your life away, but live your dream!

I often follow my dreams and I am currently on my way to make some of my biggest dreams come true. The first one is studying in England. All I need to do is apply to the universities, then they need to accept me and I can go and study in England! Hopefully I'll be in England in a bit more than a year. Besides this, I also want to go on holidays without my parents for the first time next year. Maybe not such a big dream as studying in England, but still something I dream about. I want to enjoy the summer after my exams as much as I can, and hopefully I'll be going on my first ever Interrail trip! Of course you'll hear more from me as these two dreams become more and more realistic.

As long as you believe in yourself, you can make your biggest dreams come true! :)

What are your biggest dreams?


  1. Nog bedankt voor je reactie, ik heb inderdaad de blauwe jas besteld, hihi.


  2. Mooi geschreven! Zelf wil ik graag acteren of regisseren, maar dat is en blijft een harde wereld..