My new baby :)

Yesterday I went shopping in The Hague with my mom and brother, and I finally found a new bag! I have been searching for a good bag that won't fall apart after 2 months for ages, because my bag from Morocco isn't very good quality and it was bound to fall apart in a while. I really like the bags (and clothes) from Desigual, so I kept checking there to see if they had the perfect bag for me. And yesterday I found it. It is grey with colourful letters on the front. It has 3 compartments which makes it so much easier to keep all my stuff organised. In my old bag I always had to search for my purse, phone and ipod. Now I can find everything easily. The bag can be used as a handbag or you can hang it over your shoulder with the long strap (which you can't see on the pictures), and that is what I will do. Here are some pictures of my new baby:

Close-up. Yes that is a little damage you can see... I only saw it when I got home and I don't think it's worth it to go back to the shop for that, and my mom said it will get damaged eventually anways.

What do you think of Desigual?

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